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OLKO Company
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"OLKO" company established in 1982 specializes in production of popular and professional devices in the following branches:

- alarm systems
- electronic and electrotechnical devices for animal raising
- car electronics
- automation and measuring electronic devices
- piezoceramic converters
- photometric systems of shape recognition created on the
basis of own algorithms.

The founder and current owner of the company is Mr. Adam Kocuj


All devices are created by our own construction department. They are designed with accordance to EU directives and norms. Our devices are characterized by high quality and durability.

From 10 years "OLKO" company produces devices for animal raising, known on EU and domestic market, such as:

- pasture fence energizers in accumulator, battery and net versions
- digital HV meters and HV indicators
- covers for IR emitters with protecting meshes in various versions
- devices for transmission of telemetric signals through active HV fences,
- alarm devices for pasture fences
- and other...

Currently "OLKO" company employs 62 persons.

"OLKO" company possesses production quality control system according to ISO 9001 standards.