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OLKO company wants to fulfill most sophisticated technological demands of every client. It realizes projects which embrace small parts of production lines as well as those which cover complete lines. In the branch it is prized for its flexibility, professionalism and being up-to-date.

We also develop projects in photometry field. We specialize in implementing own solutions including own algorithms of shape recognition and measure.

Our system ControlBox enables precise control of geometry and dimensions of an object of any shape. The system automatically compares the observed object with a technical drawing stored in database and then it acquires values of dimensions specified in the drawing. There are also functions for quantitative assesment of shape differences, indicating when the allowed dimensions have been exceeded etc.

Universality of the system enables for its wide use in industry, e.g. for quality control, adjustment of devices etc.

Engineers from our construction department are able to adapt offered solutions to individual demands of any client, when it comes both to hardware and software.

Our research department also developes few systems which apply interactive communication through GSM platform aimed at localizing an object using GSM.